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Covenant Connections

Business owners know that having strong connections can be one of the most valuable assets they possess. "Covenant Connections" offers our clients a way to expand connections ranging from introductions to the right people to valuable information that can improve your business's performance. We are interested in your goals and invested in ways to help you achieve them through:

Professional Matchmaking

People make all the difference; and so, in addition to providing bank products, we create opportunities for clients to build relationships with one another through personal introductions and client events. We make it our business to match you with others who can provide solutions to your challenges, offer wisdom and mentorship, or perhaps even become your newest customer. Stay current with our Events page to find the next opportunity to engage.

Business Spotlight

As a Covenant Bank client, you are invited to tell your story and share your capabilities to our entire team. This opportunity helps us understand your value proposition and triggers professional matchmaking opportunities with mutually beneficial outcomes.

Take advantage of "Covenant Connections" and experience the benefits through all the ins and outs and ups and downs of running your business or organization.

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