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About Covenant Bank

Headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Covenant Bank is in business to help your business grow and prosper so our community can flourish too. We invest in local businesses and nonprofit organizations by not only providing loans and deposits, but also resources, tools, and connections to help leverage opportunities and tackle challenges that businesses and organizations face daily. You are not in it alone – and that matters these days. Covenant's team of the industry's best bankers will help you identify smart ways to build your business and invest in long-range success.

We believe our word is our worth - so much so, that we chose the name COVENANT which stands for a promise that cannot be broken. We give you our word to provide banking at its best with the highest standard of integrity, character, and honesty; and, we invite you to personally experience our brand promise for yourself. We hope to see you soon!


Our covenant is our promise to do what is right for our clients, shareholders, employees, and community every time.

  • Consummate Professionals – We are consummate professionals with the highest integrity
  • Committed – We commit to deliver timely financial solutions to help clients meet their goals
  • Connected – We connect our clients to resources and opportunities to drive success
  • Community – We support our community by generously giving of our time and resources


Covenant Bank corporate values are guided by a moral compass that holds us to the highest standard of integrity, character, and honesty in all we do.

  • The way we do business is as important as the business we do
  • We stand by our word, deliver on our commitments, and honor our promises
  • We treat all stakeholders with respect, dignity, and transparency
  • We set the bar high to make good people great
  • Passion for our vision combined with relentless effort lead us to undeniable success
  • Our positive attitude, corporate optimism, and passion are contagious
  • We run intentionally lean and challenge ourselves to do more than is required
  • Every day we have a sense of urgency
  • To us, failure is unthinkable
  • We believe success is imperative and must be accomplished within the spirit and letter of the law
  • We know we are successful when our clients say we are the best
  • There is never, ever really an end game – we need to be continuously better tomorrow than we are today

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